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As the enticing strums of Carnival 2014 start winding their way onto the airwaves, Nadia Batson delivers a groovy selection that showcases her signature powerhouse of a voice, as she firmly solidifies her position as one of the festival’s favourite songstresses.

Listeners are in for an exciting treat with “AGGRESSIVE”, as the Precision team has laid out a bubbling music bed of rhythms and melodies that immediately captures attention, as it simultaneously gives the singing diva room to bring to the forefront a renewed and refreshed version of her unique style.

This is clearly evident in the writing displayed by her and her young but exceptional co-writer, Josiah St. Lewis-Noray. Together they have created a virtual inferno of lyrical instructions, which will surely incite everyone to extreme heights of bacchanalian behaviour once they hit the road.

©Mystie Thongs

Nadia Batson – Aggressive
Performed by Nadia Batson
Written by Nadia Batson, Josiah St. Lewis-Noray & Kasey Phillips
Background Vocals by Jo Jo
Produced by Josiah St. Lewis-Noray & Precision Productions
Mixed by Precision Productions
Mastered by Mike Wells, CA

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