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Allyuh Look Mehhhh… lol (Blog)

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Ok… So I’ll admit, I’ve been busy. So busy that I couldn’t find the time to update my blogs! Shame on you Nadie…. Shame on you LOL

Anyway, I just needed to touch base with y’all and let you know what we’ve been up to.

We’ve seen some pretty cool places in the last few months, and as usual we always have waaayyyyyyy too much fun!

The Trinidad Carnival 2013 season was nothing short of FANTABULOUS!! We performed in all the major fetes, and the Sass Nation is definitely growing as is evident by our fan base.

Grenada was DA BOMB!!!! We had a blast, we’ll be back there soon…(not to mention the fact that I have a HUGE track coming out soon on the Ghost Town Riddim with Lava Man of Grenada) When THAT one drops…it’s a wrap!!! Lol

Carriacou was an experience, to say the least! Twas AMAZING!! It rained heavily on our first day there, so needless to say, the boatride from Grenada to Carriacou was REAL ROUGH! I usually get motion sickness, so that ride wasn’t enjoyable for me at all. My band members are such troopers though, that they still found ways to make the ride as fun and memorable as possible, despite being soaked and tossed around like a salad! SASS had so much fun on the “little island with the big vibes” as we call them. We mash up d place….yup! Get encore an ting inno….doh get tie up lol The people were warm and welcoming and we look forward to returning.

St Maarten, St Maarten, St Maarten……ahhhhhhhh!!! That island is so beautiful. Sass made memories there to last a lifetime. Aside from the beaches, casinos, jet skis etc was the fact that we were the only Soca act on a cast that featured Konshens,  RDX, Lady Saw and Busta Rhymes!!!! The only thing we want to know is “When we going back??” LOL

I did a few solo shows in the past few months as well. I went to Boston, Orlando and this weekend I’ll be in New York. My Vincy and Bermuda crew, look out…I’m coming soon.  Look out for Sass in Barbados and Grenada soon.

We just wanna say thanks again for taking this journey with us. Your love and support is what keeps us going and striving for better. We will continue to make you proud. Female musicians rock!

Queen SASS…

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